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The coolest thing since…


We’re thinking Arbys


Wind me up, before you go go …

Happiness is simple

Happy 47th Coco!

Lamar Advertising has been putting up “I’m with Coco” digital billboards around their US markets and some in Puerto Rico as well. 

Here is the last one from yesterday… yes not the best shot, but hey, it’s legit.

What did you think of this campaign? Pretty genius, I’d say.

But, what does it all mean?

Can I haaa dat…

Whether you celebrate Easter or not; there’s really no excuse not to have cake at any time… especially if you live near this building.

Or I can just picture the poor people that work inside this building-

“Hey Sandy, where do you work?”

“Oh, have you seen the building with the cake on it?… yeah…”

I said, you can park whereever you like…

Okay, you’ve got my attention… But what is this ad even for?

Krazy Glue? The new Spiderman vehicle?

I hear this is an actual car too… located in Holland.

It was up there so long, Google maps got a chance to pin it:

According to Billboardom.com  “even it’s lights come on” at night.