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The coolest thing since…


We’re thinking Arbys



I hope this building is located in Chicago as that would also put the wind on this powerful fan’s side.

Some serious thought went into this one.

But, what does it all mean?

There’s never just one.

No matter how much this ad disgusts me… it’s really the message they’re sending that I’m afraid of.   You? 

Drop In Like It’s Hot

Whatever you’re advertising, there’s always a creative way to do it… If a museum can do it, you can too!

The grass is always greener on a billboard

It looks like Adidas is growing a garden on their shoes… 

At first glance, I had no idea what this ad was for – (other than Adidas shoes) 

So I did some research…

I found this photo here: http://www.ecopop.com/media/columns/342/MotherNatureAsMedia.php

Still not sure exactly what Adidas is doing in the green scheme of things… but at least it’s using mother nature as media.

Now that’s nonstick!

This reminds me of those car insurance commercials where the girl throws all her ex’s things out of the window… landing on his vehicle.  But then my mind wanders to non-stick spray like Pam or something, because obviously this muffin wasn’t stickin’ anywhere near that pan.  

Though I think it really is just showing the enormity of a supermarket chain’s muffins…

This creative won an “OBIE” award, you can read more about it here at foodieprints.com: http://www.foodieprints.com/item/179