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The coolest thing since…


We’re thinking Arbys


Happy 47th Coco!

Lamar Advertising has been putting up “I’m with Coco” digital billboards around their US markets and some in Puerto Rico as well. 

Here is the last one from yesterday… yes not the best shot, but hey, it’s legit.

What did you think of this campaign? Pretty genius, I’d say.


I hope this building is located in Chicago as that would also put the wind on this powerful fan’s side.

Some serious thought went into this one.

I’m with Coco

Lamar Advertising of OKC is on Team Coco! Are you?


Drop In Like It’s Hot

Whatever you’re advertising, there’s always a creative way to do it… If a museum can do it, you can too!

Open arms

Oh billboard placement…

Which will you turn to?

Who needs a watch when you have a sundial?

Forgot your watch/phone this morning and can’t tell if you’ve missed breakfast at McDonalds yet?… That’s okay if you’re passing this McDonald’s billboard in Chicago.   

How cool is that?

In case you were wondering- Here’s the down low on the mechanics of the board:

The ad agency and an engineer did a great deal of research to find the perfect location create the effect. The aluminum set of McDonald’s arches (which are 4 x 3.5 feet) casts a shadow on a different breakfast item each hour until noon when it casts an undistorted shadow on a sandwich, signaling lunchtime. It will be removed in August when the sun’s position changes.